Colin’s Coffee: Coffee Shop Blog Series

I’m so excited to announce a new Blog Series! Coffee shops! It’s no secret I love coffee. Like LOVE. For years, I’ve wanted to visit all the coffee shops around Columbus. On a whim, I decided to make it happen and turn it into a fun blog series!

Just FYI: None of the posts in the series will be sponsored in any way. None of these shops know I’m coming lol.

My first shop stop was Colin’s Coffee in Upper Arlington. I got a Cinnamon Latte because I can’t resist anything with the word cinnamon in it. Honestly, it tasted similar to what Iā€™d expect to get from a fancy gas station. The cinnamon taste wasn’t very authentic. The bagel egg sandwich was good, but it left me with that not so fresh feeling for the rest of the day.

The atmosphere reminded me of an old Rite Aid that tried to become hipster. Sort of like when your dad got that new belt clip for his flip phone. It definitely seemed like a place only the localist of the locals would go to. Don’t think I’ll be back to this one šŸ™

If you want to be part of the research for this blog series (because who doesn’t want to make drinking coffee part of their job?!), let me know and we’ll set up a coffee date!

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