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How many times have you read the Bible? Like all the way through, from cover to cover? I’ve read it twice. Once before I got baptized (which was 20 years ago today!!), and then during my first year spent in full time ministry (which was 19 years ago.)

Since then, I’ve made a point of reading at least a little bit every single day. But lately I’ve just felt like it hasn’t been enough. I think what I was feeling was the lack of knowledge. It’s one thing to read, it’s another to understand, right?

So I decided to mark my 20 year baptism anniversary with a new quest: to thoroughly study from beginning to end. But I don’t want to just go from Genesis to Revelation, I really want to study in chronological order. From the beginning of time on through the future.

I started looking for a schedule, and was having a hard time finding one that was reasonable. I found one where you could read the Bible chronologically in 1 year, but I’ll probably stretch it out so that really STUDY it all!

If you’re hoping to read the entire Bible in one year or are wanting a chronological list, download below!

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