2019 Behind the Scenes

I say this all the time, but I am so thankful that I get to do what I get to do. The seriousness of documenting wedding day memories is not lost on me. And even more so after being a part of my sister’s wedding this past October.

This year’s behind the scenes blog post is going to be rather short and sweet. To be honest, it’s because I got burnt out this year. This was my busiest year ever, and by the middle of summer, I wasn’t taking behind the scenes photos and I wasn’t keeping track of the crazy awesome wedding day stories. I was just trying to get through the day so I could edit as much as possible before the next weekend’s wedding.

So I have to apologize that there aren’t as many stories and never before seen photos as there usually is. My 2020 season will look a lot more balanced and I’ll be ready to get you all the inside scoop!

First, here’s a look at all of the wonderful people who I got to know this year!

bride and groom looking at each other in cleveland alleyway
Todd and Libby’s wedding (L) was the first time I had someone tag along and shadow me. It was both humbling and nerve-wracking! But I loved being able to help someone breaking into wedding photography see what it was all about!
engaged couple sitting on steps at jeffrey mansion in bexley
bride and groom walking across the street to the joseph hotel in downtown columbus
Brian and Rebecca (R) are actually not technically my clients. Starting this year, I’ll be an associate photographer for Lindsey Zitzke Photography and I am so pumped about it!
bride and bridesmaids walking on path at irongate
bridal party laughing together
This wedding was actually in January of 2019. The weather was looking real nasty, so I had Jon take me to the wedding and pick me up. Well guess what folks. In true Ohio fashion, we didn’t get 8 inches of snow like they were saying we would. We got rain. I felt so bad that Jon drove me and picked me up for no reason! #truelove
family hugging and laughing
This family is full of some of my most dearest and closest friends. Baby Claire was one of the biggest surprises of the decade, but I couldn’t imagine life without her!
family walking in field
More dear friends!
black and white image of bride and groom in field
TJ and Jenni’s (R) wedding felt like a mini reunion! I knew a lot of the bridesmaids and had shot the maid of honor’s wedding a year before!
engaged couple hugging
bride and groom holding hands and touching foreheads
bride laughing with her bridesmaids
engaged couple at columbus art museum
bride and groom looking at each other at pinnacle golf club
bride and groom touching foreheads on rooftop in downtown columbus
bride and groom in traditional indian dress
My first cultural wedding and I LOVED it! Hands down the funnest receptions I’ve ever witnessed! If I could do traditional Indian weddings every weekend, I would!
bride laughing in field
bride and groom kiss as they walk up aisle
groom kissing bride's forehead while standing by willow tree
bride and groom kissing while bride's veil blows in the wind
newborn baby in crib
couple laughing and holding up baby onesie
couple sitting with dog in field
bride laughing over shoulder
bride and groom standing outside ohio statehouse
bride and groom in field at sunset
woman smiling at camera for branding photos
family smiling and sitting on bed
Literally the perfect family session. Even the dog smiled the whole time!
bridal party cheering as bride and groom kiss
I’ve known Sydney (L) since she was 6 years old. So doing her senior photos last spring was quite the emotional rollercoaster!
bride and groom hugging beside fountain at club at corazon
bridal party cheering as bride and groom kiss in barn
wedding ceremony at oak grove
I will forever love Oak Grove!

And just want to give a shoutout to all the wonderful people who got some of these shots of me in action! Bana, Natalie, and Nicole, you guys are the best!

Thanks for always being my test subject, Bana!
Here’s a little secret guys. Most of the detail shots you see, Bana has actually arranged.
She’s so good at it!
Formulating a plan I guess.
Helping the best videographer in all the land get her shot!
Thanks, Natalie, for capturing my “Ope I’m in the way” face
I was either really nervous or really tired here lol
Snacks are very important
Literally right before I dropped my cheese on the floor
Sometimes people get weird on the dance floor. Always thought I did a good job of hiding my facial expressions. Until I saw this photo. Guess I need to work on that haha

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