How to Set Realistic Goals

Are you a goal setter? Maybe you have big goals and large dreams. I sure do! Sometimes it can get overwhelming thinking about those mountainous goals. But there are ways you can be realistic while still achieving grand things!

  1. Decide on a big, larger than life, goal. Something over the top. Something you think is almost impossible.
  2. Break that goal into about 5 or 6 baby steps. What smaller things would it take to get to that goal?
  3. Now break the baby steps into about 4 or 5 micro baby steps. Nothing is too small here.

The key to reaching those impossible goals is to break down into extremely manageable steps. And honestly, you can use this formula for pretty much any area of your life!

I’ll use the example of deep cleaning. I’ve been putting off deep cleaning my kitchen because it’s just such a daunting, overwhelming task. But after I broke it down, and tackled one thing per day, it got down in no time! Here’s what that looked like:

  1. Throw out any old or expired food in the fridge, pantry, and spice cupboard.
  2. Take out all the items in the fridge and clean the inside.
  3. Take out all the items in the freezer and clean the inside.
  4. Take out all the items in the pantry and wipe down the shelves, baskets.
  5. Clean out lower cabinets and drawers. Get rid of unused items. Wipe down.
  6. Clean out upper cabinets. Get rid of unused items. Wipe down.
  7. Clean out and organize under sink. Wipe down.
  8. Wipe down light switches, outlets, and backsplash.
  9. Clean light fixtures.
  10. Scrub stovetop, oven, microwave, other small appliances.
  11. Wipe top of cabinets and top of fridge.

After breaking down all of the little things I had to do, the task “deep clean kitchen” didn’t seem so bad. And it only took a little over a week to do.

You can also set time frames for your goals and baby steps. We have a goal of building a house someday. We don’t have the first clue about what it takes to build a home, so there’s a lot of research that will be going into it. Instead of having the goal to “build a home,” we’re setting quarterly goals.

From the month of January to March, our goal was to look at the requirements to build in the county we’d like. So every month, we broke down that larger goal even further into manageable baby steps: What are the zoning permissions? What about utility hookups? What builders or contractors will work in that county? Every baby step goal you cross off leads to crossing off your larger than life goal!

What goals do you have? I’d love to cheer you on!

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