Tips For Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

Getting ready on the morning of your wedding is one of the most exciting feeling ever! Listening to music, drinking champagne, getting beautified. It’s some of the best bonding time you’ll ever have with your girls.

And I’ve got some tips to make it even better, both for you guys and for the photographer!

Designate a “stuff” corner

There’s a lot of stuff that comes with you on the wedding day. Hair stuff, makeup stuff, clothing stuff. Most of the time, when I walk into a hotel room, it looks like a girly bomb went off. Hey, I get it! It takes a crapton of products to look beautiful!

But since I’ll be taking photos and documenting these getting ready moments, let’s try designating a corner or section of the room for everyone to keep their stuff. Not only will it help the backgrounds of the photos look cleaner, but it will also be a lot easier and less hectic when it comes time to leave and everyone needs to grab their belongings.


Make sure you have more than just champagne! You could ask an aunt or friend to bring snacks or pick up food. Many places like Panera and Chipotle offer catering options and some even deliver! You can also look at other local restaurant options to see what they would offer for pickup or delivery.

Please don’t skip eating and drinking water! No one wants a hangry (or tipsy) bride or bridesmaids! And trust me, you’ll get tired from all the day brings you!

Look for natural light

When it’s time for the bride to get dressed, I’m going to choose a spot that has the most natural light – usually near a window or door. Now don’t get me wrong, I will most definitely move stuff and I’ve been known to legit rearrange furniture to clear a spot for the bride! But once in a while, the bridesmaids will think ahead and keep that corner or room tidy!


This is something I only learned after being a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding: wear slippers, a loose shirt, and the bra you’re going to wear. Wearing slippers means you won’t have sock lines that might show after you put your dress on. A loose shirt will allow you to slip it over your head without messing up your hair or smearing any makeup. And wearing the bra you plan on wearing with your dress means you won’t have strap marks.


Remember to soak this all in and enjoy it!

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