Vendor Feature: Natalie Baker Photography

Well guys, it’s going to be a while before I can share beautiful weddings and cute kids that I’m documenting 🙁

Featuring different vendors on my blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time and have just not taken the time to make it happen. Well, now I’ve got all sorts of time!

I’m so excited to start with one of my very best friends in this industry, Natalie Baker Photography. I’ve been second shooting with her for I think 4 years (maybe even longer!) and I’m so excited about where her business is going. Love you friend!

Here’s a little bit about this immensely talented lady:

Hi there! My name is Natalie McCorkle and I am a wedding photographer here in Columbus, Ohio.

If you could go back to the beginning and give yourself one business tip, what would it be?

Oh man, there are so many things that I would tell myself! I think the biggest tip I could give my younger self is, “Don’t be anyone else except yourself”. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to be like other businesses, especially since you see others all the time with social media now. I feel like social media can be an amazing tool, but also so destructive if you don’t use it the right way. If you try to be like anyone else, you’re going to get burnt out.

What has been your biggest lesson in business that you’ve learned so far? Or anything insightful you’ve learned recently?

I feel like I kind of went on a rant above, but I would say that is the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far in my business. Don’t get caught up in the likes, comments, or views. Just show yourself and your tribe will gather around you! This past year I started showing more of the real me and my real life, not just the post-worthy stuff. I cannot tell you just how freeing that has been. Because I have been showing the real me, I love my business more!

Tell us about one of your favorite memories from a wedding you’ve had.

One of my top favorite memories is actually from a wedding a couple of years ago. Becca and Zach were in the middle of their first look when they realized that Becca had bird poop on top of her head. Now if it were me I’m sure I would have freaked out, but Becca had the biggest smile on her face and couldn’t stop laughing. I’m not talking a little laugh, I mean full on silly laughter. We all were laughing so hard we were crying!!

I feel like couples feel like they have this expectation that their wedding day has to be storybook perfect, filled with tears, and meets that “Pinterest status”! This situation could have ruined Becca’s dream day, but instead, she just laughed about it and chose to have joy! ❤️

What is your favorite part of the wedding day, or your favorite part of working with engaged couples?

My favorite part has to be when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. The anticipation has been building all day, nerves are getting the best of them, but when they lock eyes finally it’s like the whole world stops and becomes quiet. Gets me EVERY time.

What tips do you have for couples planning their wedding during the Coronavirus outbreak?

My heart really goes out to all of those couples who are getting married this year. I’ve had a few of my brides who have had to reschedule their weddings and I know the decision is not easy!

My first tip – Don’t bottle up your emotions. If you need to cry, do it. If you need to get mad, do it. Talk it out with your fiancé, your family, your best friend. They will always be a great support system and will help you no matter what your emotions are during this situation. You and your fiancé are not alone in this!

My second tip – Reach out to your vendors and share your thoughts or concerns with them. You hired them for a reason, and they want to do nothing but to make sure you have an amazing wedding no matter when it happens. I have checked in with all of my brides this year asking if there was anything I can do for them, answer any questions they may have, but more importantly just be a solid rock they can count on.

My third tip – Buy all of the Jeni’s Ice Cream pints you can. Ha! But really, it will help with all of your wedding planning ups and downs. I highly recommend brown butter almond brittle, milkiest chocolate, and strawberry buttermilk.

Tell us more about you!

My husband and I have been together since high school. We started dating when I was 15, and then we got married when I was 19! We are going on 7 years married this September. We have a daughter named Aila Quinn, who has changed our lives. She loves Frozen and Tangled currently. We have two dachshunds, and now 10 chickens! I know, we are almost a real farm. Ha! I am a huge coffee fanatic, and I love to travel. One day I hope to be a real destination wedding photographer. I will happily go wherever but would love a wedding in New Zealand, Greece or Italy.

What are your top 3 movies?

I’m just going to go with the first three that popped into my head because there are so many that I love! 1. Moulin Rouge. I cried when I first heard Ewan McGregor sing. It’s a Baz Luhrmann film so just get past the first 10 minutes, I promise EW’s voice will suck you in. 2. Gladiator. There is not one flaw in that whole movie. The cast is phenomenal and the music is beautiful. 3. About Time. I just saw this movie for the first time this year thanks to a friend recommending it, and it is now in top faves. It is life changing, and you need a box of tissues by the end. If series were competing it would be Lord Of The Rings, Pirates of The Caribbean, and Ocean’s.

What are you binge watching right now?

I just got done watching Love is Blind. I will never forget that Jessica and Mark are 10 years apart.

What show do you keep rewatching?

The Office forever and always. I mean does anyone ever get tired of watching it?

Favorite Columbus restaurants:

Columbus has such an amazing range of wonderful restaurants. My current faves are Northstar Cafe, The Guild House, and Dewey’s Pizza.

Favorite Columbus coffee shops:

I love Fox in The Snow! That is my ultimate go-to overtime. If I’m not there you can find me at Pistacia Vera or Staufs!

How have you been staying positive or busy during your time at home?

Thankfully all of my clients have been SO amazing through all of this and we have been able to find a new date for all of them if they have needed to change their original date. I’m actually really enjoying this down time I currently have. It’s been nice to focus more on my family and personal things I’ve always wanted to do, like getting chickens. My husband has also been working from home so Aila and I have certainly loved that. I am so ready to get back and shooting though! I miss all of my clients so much.

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