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I sat down with Anne recently and chatted all things flowers. She’s part of the team at The Flowerman in central Ohio. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re missing out! They do stunning work, and offer an experience unlike any others around! I’ve had the incredible honor of seeing so many of their creations up close and personal and am always so excited when my Brides tell me they chose The Flowerman as their vendor! Take a look at just some of my favorites:

Alayna: “Alright so we are with Anne today from The Flowerman. The Flowerman is a florist based out of central Ohio, and they do incredible work! They have such a great team. I’ve shot so many using The Flowerman flowers, and I’m blown away every single time! So, Anne, tell us a little bit about The Flowerman.”

Anne: “The Flowerman has actually been in business about 36 years. They started off selling at farmers markets and they noticed that brides were coming and wanting to get flowers from the farmers market. They realized that a lot of brides were wanting to save money, so they got the idea of the DIY experience. So that is our specialty. We do have full design and we have combination packages as well, but DIY is where we really have our hearts at. We have a lot of brides come in who want to have the DIY experience. We like to tell everyone that we don’t just throw you to the wolves! We teach you how to make the arrangements. So you come in to meet with our team and we go over your wedding vision with you, we go through your budget, and then we get your flowers together for you. We stay in contact with you up until your wedding day. Then a few days before your wedding, you can bring some guests and we teach you how to have a DIY experience. We teach you how to make the arrangements; bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, I’ve seen the dog leashes that have been made for pets that are in the wedding! I’ve seen really cool things that have been made for each specific couple! But we just love our Brides and our Grooms and all the couples that walk through our door! We really want to make sure they have a great experience, a fun experience, and they walk away proud of their flowers. So that’s something that we really just love at The Flowerman is seeing each couple come in and their wedding vision come to life.”

Alayna: “I love that! I’ve had so many Brides that, I always compliment their flowers, and they’re like ‘Oh my goodness, we made them the other day!’ They bring their mom and they bring their wedding party, and it’s just such a cool experience to be able to do that! And it gives you even more of an attachment to your bouquet. You can look at it and you know the work that into it, and the love that went into it, and every single flower. It’s just such a cool experience that you guys offer!”

Anne: “It really is a great experience! And it’s a great bonding time with your guests that you bring. Because once the wedding festivities start, it gets a little crazy, so sometimes you may not get to visit quite as much with the bridesmaids who came in from out of town, or with your mom, or your mother-in-law. So it’s a really neat time just to have that time together and to create a new memory with them. And with the flowers, you have this pride, this joy, like ‘I made this?!’ I remember feeling that way when I made my husband’s boutonniere. I did the DIY experience, and when my I made my husband’s boutonniere, that was my favorite thing I made. I wrote on the bag to be sure this was his! And just to know that he would be wearing that really soon when we got married was so special.”

Alayna: “That’s really cool, I love that! So when it comes to your couples that use The Flowerman, whether it’s full service or DIY, how are you making sure that they feel really special and taken care of?”

Anne: “When they come in for their consultations, we ask for them to bring their vision boards, any inspiration. Sometimes brides just have their colors or if they’re inspired by a picture and they want that vision. But we make sure that they’re getting exactly what they want. That’s something that we want to make sure that they know that they’re being heard. It’s their wedding day! And we want them to walk away knowing that their flower vision is going to come to life. And that we’re going to work with their budget. We’re going to present all these options that are going to be great for them and to make sure that it IS about them and their wedding day. And to make sure that during their DIY experience, that they’re having a fun time! We want to walk away feeling this pride, this joy that they made it. We want our brides to know that they’re being heard and that their creations, it’s their vision coming to life. It’s completely theirs and they can own it.”

Alayna: “I love that! It’s so important because it’s easy to push that aside and have your expert opinions. Like ‘Well I think maybe this would be better or that would be better’ but really making sure that they’re heard. It’s so important, even in a detail like the flowers. So what does a typical wedding day look like for you and your team?”

Anne: “A lot of our brides are DIY, so we offer a bunch of different options for them. They can pick up our flowers from our facilities, or they can send someone to pick them up, and we also have delivery. A lot of brides choose to have their father, or a brother, or sometimes the groom (I’ve seen brides come too to pick up their flowers on their wedding day!) We make sure that everything is accounted for. We go over their checklist with them. We get everything loaded in the car so it’s nice and safe and sound. We always have our delivery option. Sometimes it’s just going from wedding to wedding. It’s so neat to see how each bride is so unique and that their flowers completely reflect their personality, which is so neat. Come busy wedding season, we’ll see the coolers and they’re just full with a variety of styles which is so neat! Typically, we’re just making sure flowers are being delivered to the brides, whether they’re picking them up or we’re delivering them to the location, so they can get into the hands of the bride!”

Alayna: “I love that you offer both options! That way whatever is easiest for the couple, that’s great!”

Anne: “And that’s the thing, everything is customizable to best fit the need of the bride. From flowers to the option of DIY or full design, to delivery and pickup options. So from beginning to end.”

Alayna: “So any other words of wisdom or advice when it comes to florals for couples planning their wedding?”

Anne: “Something that we recommend when you come in for a consultation, is to have your inspiration. Even if that’s just your color scheme or it’s just ‘Hey, I like peonies, and I know I want peonies.’ Whatever your inspiration is, bring in some photos. If you have an idea of when your date will be, and if you have your other vendors booked. If you have a list of numbers, a rough list, like one bridal bouquet, three boutonnieres, two bridesmaids bouquets, an altar arrangement, 20 centerpieces, kind of a rough estimate. So that way when you come in, it’s a smooth consultation to make sure that we’re getting all those numbers plugged in. When you walk away, we can give you a quote based on that. So do a little bit of homework beforehand! If you’re not a hundred percent sure, that’s not a problem, because the nice is, you can change things. So if you call later on and you’re like ‘Hey I actually need 22 centerpieces, not 20.’ Or ‘ Actually, can we change this flower, we decided to change the colors a little bit.’ So it’s completely customizable and you can change things up until a certain point. But to do a little bit of homework beforehand is always great.”

Alayna: “That’s really good advice! I love that you said that it can be changed if it’s needs to be changed. That’s great! I feel like flowers are such a hard thing to nail down at the beginning. Once you start getting your vision and you get the exact color of your bridesmaids and things like that, I feel like then you can start to see everything. So that’s really great that you guys allow for that and the little tweaks here and there!”

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