Do You Need a Wedding Website?

While having a wedding website isn’t something you necessarily NEED, it definitely is super helpful when it comes to relaying important information to your guests. It can also prevent you from needing to answer the same question 500 million times.

So what sort of things should be on your wedding website? Everyone will have different info and the needs of your guests will be different of course, but read on for some of the basics to get you started!

Your Story

Share how you met and how he popped the question. Some people might not have seen your 500 photos of him down on one knee, so make a collage of the moment and share it along with your story! Share photos of the two of you doing your favorite things together. From the everyday things like enjoying a movie on the couch, to taking your furbaby on a walk, to football games and vacations. Include some fun facts about each of you for those who don’t know you super well. Things like who makes the best breakfast, your first date, or your dream honeymoon location. You can even go for more of an interactive route and build a quiz for your guests to see who knows you best!

The Wedding Party

Share photos and short bios of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. This is great for shouting out your family members and besties. Share favorite memories and fun photos of the two of you.

Wedding Day Info

Share the venue information (including address and a photo of the outside.) You can also share any info about dress codes, parking, dinner options, and transportation services. Be sure to address what could be awkward situations like if you’re only accepting cash gifts, won’t be having an open bar, etc. 

Have an FAQ Section

This could be another great place to share wedding info in a more interactive way. You can also update this when you start getting people asking questions about the wedding day. Common questions might be nearby hotel info, where to park, what time guests have to be out of the venue, if you’re having an unplugged ceremony.

Things To Do

Share your favorite spots around the city. This will be much appreciated by your out of town guests! Think about suggesting restaurants, museums, shopping areas, tourist attractions, etc. You can also share nearby hotels and the closest airport to the venue if guests will benefit from that information. You could also give them ideas for the day after the wedding- your favorite brunch spot, a museum or shopping center, and the best spot for drinks or dinner. 

Keep it Simple

Keep the design clean and minimal so it will be easy to view and navigate. You can even think about buying a domain name ( so it will be easy for guests to remember. Be sure that the site is formatted for both desktop and mobile viewing!

To RSVP or Not to RSVP

I’ve heard both sides of this issue. Giving guests the ability to RSVP on your wedding website is a convenient and easy way to get your guest count. However, some guests may be technically challenged. One way to have the best of both worlds is to offer both options. Include the RSVP card for your guests to fill out and send back to you, or offer the option for them to do that digitally.

Where to Host

There are a number of website hosts you can use to build your website, but my four favorite spots (and easiest to use!) are 


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