Well guys, it’s going to be a while before I can share beautiful weddings and cute kids that I’m documenting 🙁 Featuring different vendors on my blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time and have just not taken the time to make it happen. Well, now I’ve got all sorts of […]

Vendor Feature: Natalie Baker Photography

This past wedding season definitely had some beautiful golden hours! In case you don’t know, golden hour is the timeframe before sunset where the sun is low in the sky, usually about an hour to an hour and a half before sunset time. It’s when the light is golden and romantic! I always like to […]

Golden Hour Favorites

Getting ready on the morning of your wedding is one of the most exciting feeling ever! Listening to music, drinking champagne, getting beautified. It’s some of the best bonding time you’ll ever have with your girls. And I’ve got some tips to make it even better, both for you guys and for the photographer! Designate […]

Tips For Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

Not sure if you heard or not, but my baby sister got married in October. (That was sarcasm. Of course you heard. Everyone who talked to me for 2 seconds or more heard.) Let me tell you, being on the other side of a wedding was quite the experience. And helping your sister plan a […]

What I Learned From My Sister’s Wedding Photographer

I’ve been helping my sister plan her wedding, and it’s been quite the experience! Wedding planning is something I did over 10 years ago, so it almost feels like the first time again. Of course, in those ten years, wedding trends have changed. But even more than that, I feel like the experience of planning […]

What it’s Like on the Other Side

It’s always a little intimidating to have your picture taken. Even if it’s just a photo on a phone that is taken by a friend. We still want to look nice, make sure nothing is in our teeth, and that our hair is behaving. I realize that preparing for your engagement session can be a […]

Preparing For Your Engagement Session

Well, you’ve got the dress, now it’s time to pick out the accessories you’ll need to pull your whole look together! Veil If you want to wear a veil, keep in mind the style of gown you have. The veil shouldn’t be the center of attention, your dress should! So stick with something that complements […]

Your Wedding Day Accessories!- Wedding Planning Tips

Finding your dream dress is one of the best experiences of the whole wedding planning process. It’s usually what makes that “getting married” thing finally feel real, not just for you, but for everyone who is there with you! Sad to say, not everyone has a great experience. While the boutique you go to has […]

All About Dress Shopping!- Wedding Planning Tips

If you’ve never seen your guy cry or get emotional, you can’t expect him to be super emotional on your wedding day. Some guys just hug their bride and never cry, and that’s ok. Just enjoy your day and try not to put too much pressure on him. Sometimes the stress and the nerves of […]

Expectations With a First Look- Wedding Planning Tips

I’ve had so many of my brides do a first look with their dad, and it’s one of the most emotional parts of the whole day! It’s for brides who have a sweet spot for their dad. These are precious moments to photograph, and I highly encourage any daddy’s girl to make time for it […]

The Daddy/ Daughter First Look!- Wedding Planning Tips

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