Weddings are literally my favorite thing.

If I could choose any way to spend a Saturday, I would without hesitation say shooting a wedding. I love every detail, every moment, and every person that I cross paths with.

Things I went through in my teenage and early adult life really affected the way I see love and relationships. So when my couples show me they love fiercely, I want to serve them by showing them in a beautiful way what that looks like. 

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Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer

There's this running joke that I'm actually 75. And not in an "Oh you're an old soul and love vintage things" kind of way. More like a “My grandma acts like that too” kind of way.

1. I love cardigans. No really. I have a ton (my last count was 27) and wear them almost daily. So far, no brooches to go on those cardigans. Give it time, I'm sure it's coming.

2. If I wouldn't get weird looks, I'd probably plop a lawn chair out in my driveway and just watch stuff. I love watching stuff. People are my favorite thing to watch, but I'll watch just about anything. Neighborhoods, trees, parking lots, the wind.

3. I say random things like "Wow, that building went up fast" and "I can't understand anything this rapper is saying" and "I'm not going out, it's past 6:00 pm." 


You will hear me talk about Speedy.

Like a lot.

He's my dogchild and I couldn't imagine life without him. He's a whippet we rescued in 2012 and he'll be 14 this year. He's grumpy, scared of everything, and only likes a handful of people. His favorite thing in the whole world is laying on you (preferably while digging his pointy elbows in your side) and cuddling under a blanket.

He's also got the infamous "photographer's child" syndrome. As soon as a camera or a phone gets held up, he puts his ears back, turns his triangle face away, and won't make eye contact with the camera. So when I actually DO get a decent photo of him, you better believe it gets printed and hung on the wall.


This is my sis.

She's 11 years younger than me and is the coolest person I know. She's also my second shooter on wedding days, so you'll see a lot of her! She's super funny, trendy, and has some pretty great dance moves too. And whatever you do, don't ask about her feelings on nickels (unless you want a good laugh!) 

She got married in October last year and, let me tell you, I have never in my life felt such a wide range of emotions in quick succession as I did that day. The moment I will cherish the most is when I was about to walk down the aisle and felt this moment of anxiety. I heard her exhale behind me at the same time, so I turned around and just said "I love you!" And then we both had to stop looking at each other so we wouldn't burst into tears.


Jon and I were married in September 2009. Way before Pinterest - which is most likely a good thing.

Our wedding was on the beach in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Having a destination wedding was probably one of the best decisions we made! All of our family and bestest friends in one spot!

I tease him about how he's 10 years older than me, but really he could outdo me any day of the week since he's a firefighter. It's a weird schedule that took us a long time to find our groove with, but I'm convinced it's the best thing that's happened to our marriage! Mainly because when he's gone I get the entire bed to myself haha.

Our favorite things to do together are watch movies at home, find great happy hours, and act like our dog is people (yep, we're those types.) We're addicted to Rooster's and both hate having to put new sheets on the bed with the burning passion of a thousand suns.


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Burgers and Fries

favorite food

The X-Files
The Office
Parks & Rec

favorite TV Show

The Little Mermaid

favorite disney movie

Canon 85mm 1.2

favorite lens

Fox in the Snow

favorite restaurant

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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