In 20 years, you won't remember what you ate that night. You won't remember how your bouquet smelled, or that your Grandmother cried during your first dance.

What if those moments could be frozen. What if you could have those memories to look back on for... well, forever. I know how long it took for you to settle on the vanilla bean cake with farm fresh raspberry preserve filling. I will capture that perfect shade of pink that I know took months for you to find for your peony bouquet. I already had a feeling that Grandma wouldn't be able to hold back tears, so I was ready for the moment with my camera in hand.

Our life is full of real moments. Not posed ones. My approach is simple: documenting the day as it happens, not how I think it should look. The moments you'll see will be real, raw, and intimate. One hundred percent completely you.

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what it's all about

I pride myself in the experience I give each and every one of my clients. I'm always here every step of the way, whether that's recommending vendors, helping you to create a wedding day timeline, building a family photo list, or simply being a listening ear. But I've recently felt like I could be doing more for my amazing couples.

Most of the weddings I shoot have been put together without a wedding planner. And I"ve noticed that a few things happen because of this. 1) The bride is stressed or overwhelmed during the entire wedding planning process. 2) Little things get overlooked or left until the last minute, resulting in even more stress or something the bride isn't happy with. 3) The wedding day doesn't go as smoothly as it could. 4) Most often, I end up being responsible for keeping things on track or making sure little details are taken care of on the wedding day.

So instead of accepting this as the norm when I shoot weddings (or even worse, dreading what I know is coming), I'm doing something no other photographer is doing:

The Difference

Giving every client the tools and assistance they need to plan a perfect wedding.

You'll have access to an exclusive website just for AP Brides containing thorough and complete planning checklists, in depth vendor recommendations (and discounts) for whatever part of the country you're getting married in, expert tips and advice that only those absorbed in the wedding industry would be able to give, and much much more! You'll also get personalized help from me every month, with the ability to schedule a video call for even more assistance.

"We live our life linear. We live through moments that are gone. We have the opportunity to say 'Not this moment. This moment stays.'"

You'll find everything you need for your wedding day!

Every wedding collection includes:
• An Heirloom album or Keepsake book for telling your love story
• Complimentary engagement session
• High resolution digital images with personal and print rights from both the engagement session and the wedding day.
• No travel fees for weddings within the state of Ohio

wedding collections

Begin at $2100

Columbus OH - Wedding Photographer Packages

Whether you're getting married in your hometown or your favorite vacation spot, you'll get a luxury experience for your photography!

Every destination collection includes:
•Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner coverage
• Complimentary day after session
•An Heirloom album to tell your love story
• High resolution digital images with personal and print rights from both the engagement session and the wedding day
• A second photographer
• No extra travel fees- they're included right in your collection price!

destination wedding

begin at $3000

Your wedding day is only the beginning. So why should your photography journey end there? 
Legacy Photography is all about documenting those milestones with someone who "gets" you, someone who's been with you through the biggest moments. From the moment you book, you'll get exclusive access to portrait sessions, flash sales, product discounts, and more.

Legacy Photography

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