Worthington Engagement Session- Brad and Annalee

I got to meet this wonderful and document their engagement this past weekend! Brad and Annalee were in Columbus from their home in Florida, so we took advantage of the time! I got to hear all about how close they live to the beach (which made me a tad jealous!) Brad and Annalee also have two adorable dogs who love the beach as much as they do!

We were afraid we’d get rained out, but the weather was amazing! And it only started sprinkling right at the end of our session! I’m so glad Brad and Annalee weren’t worried enough to cancel the session! 

We spent our time in Worthington because it has a lot of history for these two! They were able to reminisce during the session about many date nights and Graeter’s runs!

Brad and Annalee, thank you so much for making time in your busy weekend to let me capture this special time in your lives! I can’t wait for the wedding day to get here next year!!

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