District 5 Schoolhouse – Grand Rapids Wedding Photography- Desmond and Sabrina

I was so happy to celebrate Desmond and Sabrina this past weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan! This was an extra special day because it was actually their one year anniversary. A year prior, Desmond and Sabrina took a helicopter to the top of an Alaskan glacier and became husband and wife. Now, 365 days later, their love was as strong as ever as they had a blast with their friends and family.

In the 13 years I’ve been photographing weddings, I’ve never seen the personal detail and thought go into every aspect of the day like I did here. Sabrina did not leave one small aspect without meaning. From custom matching shoes, to an embroidered veil, to a signature drink as a shout out to their beloved kittykid, everything was oozing with personality!

Desmond and Sabrina, thank you SO MUCH for bringing me out to your hometown to help you celebrate. I was truly blown away by every moment and wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else that day! 🖤

And a special Thank You to all of the vendors who worked so hard!

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