Revery North 4th Corridor – Columbus Wedding Photography- Danny and Katie

When I say that I told everyone how excited I was about this wedding, I mean I told EVERYONE. Not only because Danny and Katie crossed off my last venue on my bucket list, but also because Katie has a piece of my heart.

I photographed her twin sister’s wedding in 2020, and even that many years ago I knew I wanted to be her bff 😂 She is such a cool person and has a heart of literal gold. One of the sweetest and funnest people I’ve gotten to know! I remember seeing her and Danny at her sister’s wedding and thinking how adorable they were together. I had no idea that was actually the first time Katie’s family had ever met him! Talk about pressure lol 😳 Obviously they all fell as much in love with him as Katie did, because he’s here for the long haul now!

When I saw Katie post on Instagram that Danny proposed, I checked my messages every 👏🏻 single 👏🏻 day 👏🏻 to see if she asked me about wedding photography yet. True story. She finally said the magic words (literally all she sent was “SIS” and I freaked out 🤣) and the rest was history.

Ok, so back to the most amazing wedding day…

Revery is absolutely the venue to book if you want something unique, beautiful, and easy. Kelly and the whole rest of the staff were flawless and wonderful to work with, and I love that you don’t need to waste a lot of time or money on decorations. Revery is gorgeous on its own! 😍

The day started off cold and cloudy, and by the time we were laughing during toasts, we had the most gorgeous golden light. Every second of the day was beautiful and oozing with love. The number of times I heard how kind, large hearted, and sweet Danny and Katie are, were honestly too many to count. It’s evident how fierce others love them!

Danny and Katie, from the bottom of my heart to the tippy top, thank you so so much for having Bana, Lexie, and me with you on your most special day. It was more perfect than my wildest imagination and I will forever be grateful for you both 🤍

And a huge Thank You to the vendors who worked so hard to make this day wonderful!

Venue: Revery 

Wedding dress: Luxe Redux 

Bridesmaid dresses: Azazie 

Florals: Flocal Co

Cake and desserts: Fate Cakes 

Caterer: Milo’s Catering 

Invitations: Truly Engaging 

Stationary: Avant-Garde Impressions

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