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Jenna and Ruben have such an amazing story. You see, they were actually supposed to be married by now. Ruben is from Mexico and should have been here months ago. But because it’s 2020, he couldn’t. Thankfully, he was able to safely arrive in little old Ohio at the beginning of October, and guess what the first thing he did was? PROPOSE!!!!

Right now, their wedding plans are at a bit of a standstill until they know for sure that it’s safe for Ruben’s family to come for the wedding and they can celebrate the way they’ve always wanted to celebrate!

But right now, I’m so excited I was able to document their engagement in Hocking Hills! We bundled up and braved the chilly temps while we took in the gorgeous scenery. I may or may not have had two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, and three shirts underneath my winter coat, but I’ll tell you what, I was glad I wore it all!

As beautiful as Hocking Hills and Old Man’s Cave is, it’s actually quite challenging from a photography standpoint. The deeper you go, the less sunlight you have. I was honestly worried about everything looking drab and gross (as Ohio tends to do in the winter,) but thankfully we found some green! I learned a valuable lesson that day: winter engagement sessions can still be just as beautiful!

So happy to call these two my friends and I’m so excited for everything that’s in store for them! 🖤

photographs of newly engaged Jenna and Ruben as they pose in Hocking hills for their engagement photos
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