60 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Chances are you’ve never planned a wedding before. The experience can quickly go from exciting to overwhelming, as any newlywed will tell you. After you get engaged, one of the first things you’re probably going to cross off your to-do list is finding a venue.

Here are 60 questions you need to ask your wedding venue before booking your date!

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General Questions

  1. Do you offer discounts for off-season or a Friday or Sunday wedding? 
  2. What is included in the rental fee?
  3. Can we look at a sample contract?
  4. What is the maximum guest count?
  5. Is there an overtime fee if we stay longer?
  6. What is the payment plan?
  7. Is there an additional cost to also have the ceremony here?
  8. Where do the girls get ready? What about the guys?
  9. Can we keep our things in the room during the whole event?
  10. How much time do we get for the rehearsal?
  11. What is the backup plan for an outdoor ceremony?
  12. Are we required to purchase wedding liability insurance or any other type of insurance?
  13. Do you host more than one wedding or event on the same day?
  14. Who will be the person we contact throughout the wedding planning? Will this be the same person there on the wedding day?
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Food and Drink

  1. Do we have to use the in-house caterer, or can we choose my own?
  2. If we book my own caterer, is there a full kitchen available for them?
  3. Is there a minimum we have to spend?
  4. Are you able to accommodate dietary restrictions?
  5. Are tables, linens, chairs, and dinnerware provided?
  6. Is there a cake-cutting fee?
  7. Are we able to bring our own alcohol? (this can often be more affordable!)
  8. Is there a bar minimum we have to spend?
  9. Are there fees for bartenders?
  10. Do you have a fee for bringing in food trucks?
  11. How is the food and beverages (both for cocktail hour and dinner) served?
header image for decor questions


  1. What are we allowed and not allowed to bring for decor?
  2. What is the venue’s holiday decor like? (obviously only applies around holidays)
  3. Do you have a stash of decor we can use?
  4. Are we able to hang things on the walls or from the ceiling?
  5. Can we use candles?
  6. How long do we have for setup and teardown? Are we able to come in the day before?
  7. Are we allowed to rearrange?
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Vendors and Staff

  1. Are we able to bring in other vendors, or is there a list we have to choose from?
  2. Do you have a venue coordinator, and how long will they be at the wedding?
  3. Can we have a live band?
  4. Do you offer any security services?
  5. What time can vendors come and start setting up?
header image for the venue logistics questions

Venue Logistics

  1. Where will cocktail hour be held?
  2. Is there parking on site?
  3. Are you able to help set up shuttle services?
  4. What are the nearest hotels?
  5. Are there fees if we need to postpone?
  6. If we need to reschedule, is there a timeframe where we need to reserve a new date?
  7. Is there high-speed internet so we can stream our ceremony?
  8. What different table layouts and floor plans are offered? 
  9. Is the space handicap accessible?
  10. Will we be able to control heating and a/c?
  11. Is there a safe place to keep the gifts?
  12. Are there enough outlets for the DJ, hairstylists, etc?
header image for social distancing questions

Social Distancing

  1. Are masks required for our guests? Are masks required for the bridal party?
  2. What kind of cleaning will be done before and during our event?
  3. Are tables able to be set up 6 feet apart?
header image for the outdoor specific questions

Outdoor Specifics

  1. Can both the ceremony and reception be held outside?
  2. What is the outdoor capacity?
  3. Can we have a dance floor outside?
  4. Are we able to have a tent?
  5. Do you provide heaters for outdoor areas?
  6. Are we able to have a sparkler exit?
header image for the entertainment questions


  1. Is there a time we have to stop playing music?
  2. Are there any noise restrictions?

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