Sometimes registering for wedding gifts can be super fun. And other times it can be overwhelming and confusing. What if there’s nothing you really need? What if your fiance and you have wayyyyy different tastes (why on earth would he think a golf ball washer should go on your registry?!) What if you know great […]

The best items to put on your wedding registry

You probably hear a lot about the wedding day timeline. When photos will be happening, when you’re starting the reception, when you’ll have your first dance. But what about all those other things you need to do? If you’re the type that wants to have a wedding itinerary and not worry about what needs to […]

Your Wedding Day Timeline

It used to be that there was pretty much just one way to word a wedding invitation. But now, there are so many different people involved and different parties paying for the festivities, that it can be a bit confusing on exactly what you should be putting on the invite. Here you’ll find some basic […]

Wedding Invitations and What To Put On Them

You’ve made it! You’ve been planning and buying and crying and celebrating, and now your wedding is only one month away. Worried you’re going to forget something? Not sure what needs to be done between now and the big day? Here is your checklist for the last 30 days before your wedding day. PAY YOUR […]

What to do in the Last 30 Days Before Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming, but planning a destination wedding brings about its own challenges for sure! Especially if you’re planning overseas for maybe a Jamaican wedding, a grand Europe wedding, or a wedding in Mexico. Add to this any budget concerns you might have, and wow! It can easily become a […]

Planning a Photo Focused Destination Wedding

I sat down with Anne recently and chatted all things flowers. She’s part of the team at The Flowerman in central Ohio. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re missing out! They do stunning work, and offer an experience unlike any others around! I’ve had the incredible honor of seeing so many of their creations […]

Choosing a Florist For Your Wedding Day

Columbus Wedding Photographers There are so many ideas for what to put your bridal party in. Long dresses. Short dresses. Strapless dresses. Suspenders. Black suits. Tuxedos. It can easily become overwhelming and of course, you don’t want to upset your best guys and girls. If you’re looking for some real life inspiration, you’ve come to […]

Bridal Party Photo Inspiration

I recently interviewed my good friend and amazing hairstylist, Raemi Paxton, to get some of her best tips for brides! Before you watch our Zoom call, get to know a little bit about Raemi! Q: Where can brides find you on Instagram? A: @tamebyrae If you could go back to the beginning and give yourself […]

Wedding Day Tips From a Bridal Hairstylist

Let’s be honest here for a second. No one likes to talk about budgets. No one. And if you do, then you can step aside from the other 99% of us who don’t. BUT planning a wedding is absolutely something that you need to figure out a budget for. And that’s because the current average […]

The Wedding Budget Breakdown

I may be a little partial, but I think Columbus has some of the best wedding venues in Ohio! No matter what your style is, there is absolutely an amazing venue for you! Take a look at some of my favorites! INDUSTRIAL STYLE If the thought of exposed brick and edison bulbs makes you swoon, […]

The Best Wedding Venues in Columbus

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