Nicole & Matt – Ohio Stadium Engagement Photography

Nicole and Matt had the most amazing idea for their engagement photos: going inside Ohio Stadium. This is the first time I’ve done a session there, and it was just as cool as I always imagined it would be!

These two lovebirds met like most couples meet these days- online. I could tell right away that they were a perfect match for each other! Matt really made the proposal special by waiting until their annual Florida Keys vacation. Against a sunset background he poured his heart out, got down on one knee, and asked Nicole to marry him.

After spending some time listening to old school jams and wandering around The Shoe, we headed over to a little park near Nicole and Matt’s house to take some family photos with their new little puppy, Maui. You guys know how much I love having dogs at sessions, and Maui was a big ball of fluff that was most concerned about eating grass as sticks as much as possible 😂 After I played a YouTube video of squeaky toy sounds, he let me get one shot of him looking at the camera. I’ll take it lol

I’m extra excited for the wedding next year because I already know Matt’s family! I photographed his brother Andrew’s wedding in 2019, so it’ll be like a big happy reunion!

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