The best items to put on your wedding registry

Sometimes registering for wedding gifts can be super fun. And other times it can be overwhelming and confusing. What if there’s nothing you really need? What if your fiance and you have wayyyyy different tastes (why on earth would he think a golf ball washer should go on your registry?!) What if you know great aunt Mildred is going to get you an 80 piece crystal goblet set if you don’t have some sort of guideline for her?

There are actually a ton of great tips out there on what you should or shouldn’t add to your registry. Use the occasion to upgrade some of your basics- it’s time to get rid of those mismatched forks you’ve had since college. It’s also a great time to nail down your style. Whether that’s farmhouse, modern, industrial, or something completely different.

From traditional items to playful ones, you might not have thought about some of these!


  • Luxurious stationery You’ll need to send a ton of Thank You cards between now and after the wedding. Choose something custom or unique.
  • Breathable bedding Whether it’s a bamboo sheet set or a linen quit, you’ll literally love the person who splurged on this gift.
  • Butcher block cutting board This thing will look fabulous on your counter when not in use, and if your motto is “Instagram eats first”, this will be the perfect backdrop.
  • Linen napkins Sooner or later, you’re going to host a fancy dinner party or a holiday dinner. Or just forget to stock up on paper towels.
  • Cord free or robot vacuum Trust me on this. It will change your life.
  • Peloton Hear me out. This is definitely a splurge item, but it will absolutely be one that you use, and one that you’ll probably use often. No, it’s not the most glamorous thing you could put on your registry, but it might be the most Instagrammable.
  • Meat thermometer This is probably one of the most handy gifts you could get if you or your husband plan on cooking/ grilling at all!
  • Picture frames For all those gorgeous wedding photos you’re going to print!
  • Pantry organization If you’ve always wanted a pantry or fridge that’s organized and beautiful, add acrylic bins to your list.
  • Pizza oven If Friday night homemade pizzas are your jam.
  • Appliances Things like an instant pot, bread maker, air fryer, food processor, etc.


  • Barware Pulling out that brushed gold jigger to measure your cheap gin just hits different.
  • Special edition games Life Disney Villains Monopoly or The Office Clue. 
  • Pet items I mean after all, it was Rocky’s wedding too.
  • Serving tray A fun serving tray or large board for charcuterie would be great so you can entertain with style.
  • Bar cart So you can live out your Don Draper dreams.
  • Towel warmer Because if you’ve never felt a warm fluffy hug immediately after getting clean, you’re really missing out.


  • A fancy vase I mean sure, that beer stein your groom can’t bring himself to get rid of would be a quirky piece, but a high quality one will help your home feel like a million dollar mansion.
  • Cookware Never underestimate the power of an expensive cookware set. That is all.
  • Wine glasses Because chances are you’ve broken a few at some point during the latest season of the Bachelor.
  • Wine decanter Immediate fanciness factor. And apparently I have wine on the brain.
  • High-end coffee or espresso maker It may not really save you from spending your life savings at Starbucks, but it will at least help you cut down on.
  • Really good knives Whether you use them for cooking or opening packages is up to you.
  • Luggage So you can finally travel in style.
  • Fire pit If you love outdoor relaxing or entertaining, register for a fancy shmancy fire pit.
  • Mattress Or a really great mattress topper. 


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