To the Girl Who Just Got Engaged

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To the girl who just engaged,

First I want to say congratulations! Next I want to say I’m sorry.

I’m sorry the most exciting time of your life is also the most stressful. There are so many unknowns right now in the wedding world and it seems like nobody knows when we’ll have things figured out. What should be a time of trying on gorgeous gowns, touring venues, and scheduling cake tastings, has now turned into trying to make a guest list that will be a fraction of what you had wanted, analyzing if you should even book a venue at all, and wondering if guest favors should be face masks and hand sanitizer. 

So what CAN you do right now? Actually, I say you can do a lot! 

When do you want to get married?

You basically have two options. Get married in the next couple of months, or wait it out for another year or so. If you decide you don’t want to wait, you can plan something small with close family and friends in attendance (or just the two of you!) With such a small and intimate wedding day, you really could plan it within two or three months. Still want the party? Plan for the reception to take place six months or a year after your ceremony. 

Slow down

You only get to be a fiance once. I always tell my brides to slow down and enjoy this season of life. And right now, you have no reason not to. Don’t rush through the planning. Enjoy dreaming about your wedding day. Go on dates (safely of course!) Try new things together. Have deep conversations. Spend time with each other’s families. Enjoy this time!

Utilize Pinterest

This is the perfect chance to think about what you want for your wedding day. Like REALLY think about it. You can plan everything right now. From your bridesmaid’s dress colors, to the type of flowers you want in your bouquet, to the hairstyle you want to wear, to the centerpiece arrangement. Plan it all, and then when it comes time to book and and buy, there won’t be any time wasted on indecision. 

Ask for a virtual tour

Not all venues are giving in person tours right now, but some of them are giving virtual tours. If there’s one you’ve been to in person before that you’re thinking about booking, ask them if they’ll provide either a private or virtual tour for you. 


You can certainly start your wedding registry! This can done completely online so you never have to set foot in a store. And a word of advice: register for ev-er-y-thing. You never know what you might need or want to upgrade.

Be realistic

No matter how small or big you’re planning your wedding to be, there will be a certain amount of stress and overwhelm. People will come out of the woodwork with their opinions and advice – which won’t always be welcome or helpful. Remember that they’re excited for you two and they want you both to have the best wedding day in the history of wedding days! So listen to what they have to say, but don’t be afraid to stand up for what you want. In the end, this day (no matter how it happens) is about you and your fiance.

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